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Hello dear souls.

Stop for one second. Pause all the things running through your head, all the worries, all the problems, all the stress and busy agendas. Just breathe.

It is spring.

The world is being reborn. Little tiny miracles are springing up and blooming. Life is coming back. The winter has been a quiet hush, a healing blanket from the heat of summer and the beautiful sacrifice of fall. A time of waiting that was often long and cold, and at times seemed like a howling wilderness but was truly a time of respite, and now

New Life.

The mallard and his sweetheart have returned to their home in the creek. Birds sing, they sing that it is good to be alive, and that the Creator is worthy of praise. “He is good, and we will still praise Him, for it is spring, and He is alive, no matter what the rest of this world is doing”.

Soon the trees will be full of leaves. Soft, green leaves, that are alive and that breathe in the sun and breathe out air for us to fill our lungs with (and some people say that the world is not full of wonder.).

Soon, grass will grow long, and strong and new. Flowers will open. Hundreds of wild flowers will cover the valleys of the Swiss Alps. Hundreds and thousands of flowers that may never been seen by any but the eagle soaring high above, but that live and dance in the wind and glory in the blue of the sky and the warmth of the sun and the majesty of their Creator.

Soon, the apple blossoms will bloom.


  1. Beautiful post! <33 Spring is probably my favorite season of the year. Seeing new life blooming all around me gives me so much joy and peace, like a whisper from God reminding me that, in Him, death and winter aren't the end. :))

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