An October Ramble

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A cozy cup of nutty apple tea, steam wafting up from the creamy liquid and causing condensation to catch on the cold tip of my nose. A warm blanket and a quiet basement, with a gentle lamp lit and the feel of the keyboard clacking beneath my fingers… Ah yes. This is good.

Outside a cold breeze is blowing the leaves of the trees, causing them to dance against the inky blue backdrop of an autumn night sky. I imagine the few fallen leaves skittering across the ground, too excited to give up the day’s joys for a peaceful slumber. 

Socks. Sweaters. A sky that looks so big, and blue, and clear, and real. Wind that has something that it only carries during these few brief months– adventure. Excitement. The feeling that something must happen, and that it’s going to happen and that you will be able to ride forth, on top of the world.

It is a new determination to courageously bear up under the struggles. It is a new sparkle in my eyes, and a new awakening in my heart. It is light that has magically changed from the lemon yellow summer sun, to a golden, rich, and magical one. It is the undiscovered mysteries hiding in the crevices of autumn woods. It is running down a hill, until my flushed cheeks sting from the glorious brisk air and my arms spread out to embrace the world, and my chest heaving to drink in the air that I’ve been parched for all year. It is apple cider, and pumpkin spice cookies, it is Bible studies and it is Thanksgiving. It is school books and it is taking a day to forget that they exist, “just this once”… It is Autumn and it is my favorite season in the whole wide world.

God whispers His presence in all of creation, and if we stop to take it in, sometimes that whisper turns into a shout, a grand a glorious shout proclaiming the greatness of our God. Look at the birds still praising Him! Look at the clouds and the sunsets still declaring His glory! Look at the wind that still rushes where He sends it!

I lift up my face and my hands to the God who is alive. He is worthy of praise. He is worthy of all honor, and glory, forever and ever. He is our God and dear ones, He is so, so good. Though we fall, and sin and pain cloud our view, that truth does not change for He does not change.

It is easier to praise Him when the autumn wind is blowing, and my heart is happy. But moments like this are also a memory to hold tightly and be able to bring to mind in the middle of the cold, barren winter. A winter in which God is still so, so good. Still worthy, still working all things out.

Do I fully understand it? Of course I do not. But I do know Him. And that is what matters.

Lord, let the Autumn wind stir our hearts with the glimpse of the truth that there is something more. We long for it. Waiting is hard. But help us to take heart, for those who wait on You, Lord will never be put to shame (Isaiah 49:23).

Happy autumn friends!!

Many, O Lord my God are the wonders which You have done, and Your thoughts towards us; there is none to compare with You. If I would declare and speak of them, they would be too numerous to count.

Psalm 40:5


  1. Beautiful post! Autumn might be convincing me to love it best above all other seasons! 😄 That’s true about how in the “winter of our souls”, God is working just as he was when it the path was easy and beautiful. It’s always good to remember.
    Happy Autumn to you as well!

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