Pocketful of Stars

Happy September! I have a poem for you today. I don’t normally post poetry on the blog but I thought that this one would fit Apple Blossoms well, so here ’tis! It is free verse (meaning it doesn’t rhyme), so expect the unexpected ūüėČ

Photo by u4e00 u5f90 on Pexels.com

I’d tell you Jesus loves you¬†

And wonder if the words

Just pass right through your heart 

And into dark of night 


I’d hug you for forever

And hug away the lies 

If that was even possible

For me and my dim light 


I’d try play a hundred songs

That bleed my story out 

And wonder if the lyrics 

Would break into yours 


I’d paint a thousand sunsets¬†

Each healing in their light 

And onto scattered paper 

My aching hope outpour


It’s like staring at a ocean¬†

This story of my God’s¬†

From dark of night to beauty 

To healing and His light 


O my soul, remember how 

So strong to save He proved

O song that sings of mending 

Shine now in fearful night 


A different kind of ocean 

Is the storehouse of your pain 

So many lives it kills me 

To see the lies they fight 


I have nothing but my story 

Hands pointing to my God 

My words can’t mend a canyon¬†

But God can make them stars 


Here in my threadbare pockets 

Like treasures softly kept 

They stitched together the edges

Of the fraying hope I wept 


I carry the stars that others

Left scattered in their wake 

Or maybe they carry me 

From moment to moment to grace


I wish that I could give you 

The Light that woke my heart 

The Life that shines in darkness 

But God’s the Lord of that¬†


But with these words and stories  

I’ll love with all my heart

And maybe I can give you 

A pocketful of stars.  


And with the beacons shining 

Til’ darkness starts to fear

I know our God is faithful 

The truest thing there is.

When I try to describe the ways God has worked in my heart these past few years, I always stop because there are just too many small moments. More than I could sit down and write about. How good He is. How very good. He gave me a pocketful of stars that all pointed to the true light: Christ. So, if He calls us to scatter stars through His grace, then to scatter them is the best thing we can do. As a dear friend says, “never stop sowing”.

What was a small but lovely gift from your Summer? Are you looking forward to Autumn? I’d truly love to hear your answers. ūüôā


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