Not So Very Long Ago and Not So Very Far Away~ A Book List

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Guten Tag, dear readers! Thank you for hopping over to the blog. Truly, I really appreciate you.

I have jabbered about books a whole lot on the blog but that is because they deserve all the jabbering they get (and more).

New Books That Feel Like Home

These are the books I have discovered in the past year or so that I fell in love with. I gained new favorites that climbed their way up to sit beside my beloved Narnia, Hinds Feet on High Places and Anne of Green Gables and favorite fantasies (shocking, right?).

Below I’ve included words that describe the books. If you need a read during the long winter hours, I highly recommend these.

I am so pleased that this book exists. I’ve never read anything like it and it is lovely in every way. (The title of the post comes from this book. I’ll leave you to find out where 😉 )

Narnia. Questions. Hope. Siblings. C.S. Lewis and his story. A snowy English winter near Oxford and Cambridge, a wild Irish Sea, the dearest characters. Tears, love, romance, and Christmas.

This one. This one might be my favorite.

Light. Stories. Stars. Ships and mystery. A lost boy and a girl whose name means light. Home. Mysteries. Pain, searching, betrayal, purpose. And a love that gave itself.

When I picked up this book and got through the first chapter or so I remember thinking that this was the book I had been needing for so long without even knowing it. It won’t be for everyone, but oh God used it to touch my heart in so many ways. The beginning of the book is heavy, but it has to be, because darkness must be faced if we are to know a glimpse of the light of God that is so much bigger. Words can’t describe but I’ll try:

Good, beautiful, true. Darkness, struggle, pain. Fear. Home. Love. Light. Community. Questions. A God who is near and good and enough. A God who “breaks into our darkness with beauty”.

Take a breath dear reader, your stories and your joys and your sorrows and your wonderings are welcome here. Come and listen, this book will show you a story.

A little town in Maine, brothers, stones, stories, a poem, pancakes, songs, sunrise, hope, healing, waves, war, and mending.

George Macdonald is a name that C.S Lewis mentioned so much I couldn’t not read him. This is regular fiction, but his fantasies will certainly spin you in a strange yet profound journey. I don’t love this book like I do the others, but it’s another of those books that spoke straight to my heart. I saw pieces of my questions and journey in these pages (not to mention collected some splendid quotes). *a murder plays a prominent part in this plot. A warning in case that’s hard for you to read.

A rainy English town. A church that is asleep. A curate full of questions about a faith he has professed his whole life. Tragedy and guilt, a brother who is desperately searching and a sister who is running. A wise man whom the world looks down upon. Redemption. Wrestling. Truth.

Have you read any of these? What are some of your treasured favorite stories? Have a beautiful day, dear readers!


  1. I love this list! ❤ I've heard of many of the books, but your enjoyment of them will definitely put them up higher on my tbr list! I need to read more George Macdonald books and the one you mentioned looks really interesting. Thanks for sharing 🙂



    • I’d love to hear what you think of them if you do read any!
      I want to read more of Macdonald too. Which of his books have you read?
      (I love the copy of Anne of Green Gables in your profile pic 🥰 I have the same one and it’s so pretty!)
      Thank you for reading and commenting! ❤️

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      • I think I have only read The Princess and the Goblin, but I remember starting At The Back of the North Wind a long time ago! What about you?
        Aw thanks! I love the Puffin in Bloom editions, and I was SO excited to find that copy at a used book store! I wish they had the whole series in that edition 😊 Thanks for your reply!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ah cool! I’ve read The Princess and the Goblin and it’s sequel The Princess and Curdie. I remember loving them but thinking they were quite strange 😅. I really want to read Phantastes…
        In a used book store? That’s so exciting! My sister bought me the set for my birthday last year and I treasure them. 😁


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