What Love

Hello, dear hearts! Happy Spring.

Did you have a blessed Holy Week? Is spring breathing new life into your worlds? Whether joy is growing, or shadows are deepening, I think this week’s post is going to be pertinent (Jesus is always the answer).

Today I am honored and happy to share with you something written by a friend of mine. Her words breathe out the beauty and glory of Christ’s love (Thank you, friend, for letting me share them!). I would call this a free verse poem, my friend shared it as an assignment in our community college, and read it to me, and I in turn asked if I could share it here. 😉

Oh wow, what love there is in Jesus,

a great gift and sacrifice that

set you free

A friend, that loves you more

than you could ever imagine,

a friend, that held out his arm

wide, upon a tree,

for the whole world.

that blood, that cleanse, and living water too,

as the color of a crimson worm,


that people watched drip down

that sacred cross.

Were pierced upon that tree, his hands and feet

these nails that pierced the skin

were not what held Him, Jesus,

up to that now blood stained cross

So, if not nails, then what held Him, Jesus,

but love?

Oh what a love, that held Jesus.

Oh wow, how great that love for us,

that was the reason that Great King

willingly gave up His life in the name of love.

See John 3:16, about the Son of God, Jesus

Read please, if you are game,

to seek the Truth

that Prince, with thorns crowned upon His head,

pounded by guards,

before put on that cross,

whips that spilled Prince’s blood from His back,

forty at least, known as stripes,

that gives a promise of healing,

and if you seek you will find much,

much more than just the one promise

within Thy Good Book,

which is called the Holy Bible,

the Truth.

Yes, truly called the Truth.

It holds much more,

much more information about that Truth,

that Lamb of God,

that was silent when led to the slaughter.

A shepherd, becoming a sheep,

to protect His flocks.

Oh wow, how?

That a baby born in a manger,

is now sheep for slaughter,

a sacrifice for sin

a way for life,

the Truth that set you free,

the stripes that heal you,

the Shepherd,

He that protects you from an eternal

separation from God forever more,

and grants you the free will to choose Him,

or to choose to deny Him.

Oh wow, how He, Jesus, willingly

gave up His life, and died for you!

How that blood that spilled and slid down the wood,

on that tree to the ground,

the sacred cross,

the place where salvation was given.

Oh wow, how that blood, from His head,

where upon His head lay thorns

in the shape of a crown, which

was piercing deep into the skull,

allow for the blood to be seen and flow on down,

the head, the neck, the body, to leg, to feet, to ground,

where people cry,






and et cetera on, emotion flew, flowed, within, without,

seen and unseen, big and small, known and unknown, good and bad, a mix of much,

and much more than meets the eye, upon that cross.

Where if listening, you could hear the words that,

if spoken now sound kinda like,

“Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani!”

Which you can translate to, “My God, My God, why have you

forsaken Me?”

And according to Matthew, a friend to that Man,

that was more than a man

upon that cross right before He died, He said,


What does that truly mean?

It means the truth.

Though to some, that truth seems unbelievable and foolish

but that is Truth, truth because Jesus Christ,

come a baby to the world, gave His life

for you and me and everyone,

was beaten, betrayed, made fun of and etc,

on and on and on.

He showed humility, laid down His life in the name of love

for His creation, for His friend,

and enemy

For His believer, and those who doubt,

and for everyone to be able to choose, with their own willing,

if they will seek and find, ask and it will be given,

knock and the door will be opened.

Oh wow, how He died for us, and was

raised again after three days,

to show that He truly is omnipotent

and so much more.

Will you open the love letter

to see what happened to Him,

and how great His love for you and me is?

Love that held an omnipotent God to that cross.

Or will you deny that Great, Beautiful, Amazing Gift

that love, that unconditional love,

bought for you.

The choice is fully up to you.

A sister in Christ,

Lola Freund

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