Welcome, Dear Hearts

About the Blog

Hello!! I’m so glad to have you. Brew yourself a cup of tea and pull up a chair. My name is Josie, but I also go by Alethea which is a Greek name meaning truth. 😉 I am a young blogger saved by a beautiful and gracious God. I’m learning that Jesus Changes Everything; and that He is the hope that lives in every moment–even the really hard ones. He is the Rescuer, the God who sees, the God who came, the God who meets us in our brokenness.

God has put a passion in my heart to share the encouragement He has given and continues to give me with my fellow travelers. So many different lives and words have touched my heart, and I’ll forever be thankful. My prayer is that some of these words could touch someone’s heart too, even just to bring a smile.

I am also an avid lover of books, windy days, chocolate and finding beauty and hope in the midst of every day. And art! And stars! And adventures! In a rather lengthy nutshell, that is what Apple Blossoms is: a proclamation of light, a storyteller’s corner, a testimony of grace.

A couple things that just might find their way into blog posts:

  • Stories of all kinds.
  • Sunflowers (they’re such happy pretty flowers 🌻)
  • Art! *waves paintbrush and splatters paint on the screen* oops
  • My awesome family
  • Mistakes… Spelling, content, mistakes of all kinds, life is messy, and this corner of the blogging world is no different. I mess up and cry and laugh and overthink everything and start over. Praise be to God for His grace!
  • Apple trees
  • Book lists and reviews
  • ballet, bullet journaling and brownies… some of the joys of my existence. 😉
  • Scripture, songs and quotes

I want to include a snippet from the first blog post I wrote about my hope and prayer for this blog. Because although much has changed in the past few years, this remains the same.

My goal for this little blog is that as small and unimportant as it may seem it would: be like a tiny spark that lights up the whole room, a tiny whiff of fresh spring  air that brings hope to a whole winter covered world. 

Sometimes I wonder how I can do that. What can I possibly hope to achieve? After all, I’m pretty flawed and broken myself. But thanks be to God, it is not on my strength that I need to rely. A song from one of my favorite bands comes to my head: “Maybe one more hand in the air saying ‘You are holy!’ One more shattered heart singing, ‘You are good.’ Maybe one more voice crying out for mercy; one more hungry soul declaring ‘You’re enough!’ As long as there’s breathe in me, Lord there will always be one more song for You.” (One More Song by Casting Crowns).

Press on, friend. For the mending,